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Well, after about 3 weeks of not updating I thought it was worth signing into deviant art. I think I had about 50 deviations and messages when I signed in.

Why have I been so scarce you say? Well mainly due to moving house, going out lots, not having internet in the new house, being too lazy to go into uni just to use the internet, coming home, internet not working on the laptop at home (sister has claimed the family PC) etc.

So after moving the colossal distance of: one house, I have now set up camp effectively on the other side of the wall to where I was for the last two years. Me, Gareth and Cat have been having LAN 'o' clock several times, playing Neverwinter Nights ( a 3D dungeons and dragons game for those who don't know), which is great fun, generally involves running round and killing lots of monsters (in game, not in real life!).

Finally got internets up and running Monday morning, then set off home for the week. I'm heading back to Southampton tomorrow sometime between when I get up and mid afternoon (in time for dungeon free entry 'o' clock).

Being at home has been quite good, getting boring now though. Travelling on Monday was a hassle. The bus I was supposed to be getting to the Airport train station didn't come, so I had to wait 20 minutes instead of about 3, this also meant I missed the train I wanted to catch. I had to change at Basingstoke, when I realized I had forgotten the tablets I need to take twice a day.

After around 10 minutes of walking around muttering many four letter words and other words that shouldn't be said around young children, I phoned the nurse who prescribed the tablets and found out she could fax a letter to my local doctor's surgery so I could pick up a prescription the following morning. In this time I had missed the train I intended to catch, so more swearing to myself occurred and eventually I got the next train home.

Tuesday involved picking up the tablets, meeting up with one of my best friends for lunch and catching up generally, I also installed Civilization IV on the laptop and was reminded how bloody addictive the game is!!

Wednesday I met up with another friend for lunch and we also watched the hilarious film: "Jane Austen's Mafia!", followed by an episode of Bottom.

Thursday I filled out the driving license application form I need to do, so that I can be turned down, so that I can apply for a concessionary bus pass (the local council need a rejection letter as proof that you won't be able to drive on medical grounds). The evening I went to the pub to catch up with everyone (Thursday is everyone goes to the local Wetherspoons night).

I arrive and see several people I know, one says "wow, your hair is long" so I replied with (the typically me type of response) "yeah hair tends to do that growing thing". Someone else asks "how long has it been growing for?", so I reply with "since I was born", then after he clarified what he actually wanted as an answer I told him since around October. I know I shouldn't be so sarcastic and pedantic, but I find it amusing and I do it without thinking now.

I talk with some other friends for a while, meeting some I haven't seen in years. Then later I am told it's one of my friend's birthday today, I eventually find her and she's more than a bit tipsy, she says she's going to the local club later (which you have to be drunk to go to) and says she really wants to do some dancing. I get a lift home from a friend and that's about it.

Today my sister headed off to T4 on the beach to set up camp with some friends. I also ate and did some boring chore type stuff. I then signed on to deviant art, checked the deviations and messages, started writing this journal entry.

I was going to be heading back to Southampton today, but I found out at the beginning of the week that one of my friends from secondary school, who has been living in America ever since the end of secondary school, is coming back for the weekend and going to the pub tonight. I thought as I'm in no rush to head back to Southampton (as long as I get back before Dungeon free entry 'o' clock tomorrow), I'll wait till tomorrow to go back.

Well that's about all I can think of and be bothered to write at the moment, I'll just add a link to an online tower defence game I found at the beginning of the week (that is extremely addictive)…
If you have time to kill (and the willpower to stop playing addictive games when you need to) check it out.

If I know you, then I'll hopefully see you soon, if not I probably won't know if I see you soon or not, so it doesn't really matter (but then as Metallica say, "nothing else matters").

Your horoscope: today you will read a journal.
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United Kingdom
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Personal Quote: Ford, you're turning into a penguin, stop it!

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